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App Development
What do we do?
•    If you have any app idea but you do not have the manpower and skillset to develop it, we offer
you the outsourcing service so that you can get to the market quickly while spending the least
amount of money possible.

•    We partner with a dedicated software customization and outsourcing company with headquarter
in China to offer IOS & Android App development services.

•    There has been doing comprehensive software and application development since 2010 for
government, civil aviation companies, oil and gas companies, consumer electronics companies, food
and retail etc.  

•    We are a non-profit organization so we wish offer the best cost to customer.

Please contact us for a quote and more information at .
Other Services
(1)Curriculum Development

(2)Cultural & Teaching supplies

(3) 我们竭诚为来陪读的家长提供各方面的协助,让您在美国期间的生活舒适、丰富。
向亚裔友人提供来美国创业的咨询: 帮助注册公司(个体,有限责任公司,C-Corp., S-Corp.,
Partnership 等等).
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