San Diego Elite Chinese School 2016-2017 注册规定
San Diego Elite Chinese School Registration Regulations 2017-2018
1. 预注册时间  Pre-registration Date:9/10/2017之前 (by 9/10/2017)

2. 上课时间 Class Schedule :
Carlsbad Site - 星期天Sundays  1:00-4:00pm  (9/17/2017-5/6/2018)

          1:00-1:50pm First Period    第一节课
          1:50-2:10pm  Recess             休息
          2:10-3:00pm  Second Period  第二节课
          3:00-4:00pm   Third Period      文化/口语/认字训练

Location:910 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas, CA 92024

La Jolla Site-星期六 Saturdays 1:30 - 4:30 pm  (9/12/2017-5/7/2018)

          1:30 - 2:30 pm  First Period          第一节课
          2:30 - 2:45 pm Recess                  休息
          2:45 - 3:45 pm Secpmd Period     第二节课
          3:45 - 4:30 pm Culture and Conversation   文化与交流

Location地址:  6550 Soledad Mountain Rd, La Jolla, CA 92037 (inside the San Diego French American School)

Chula Vista Site (9/11/2016-5/7/2017)
    星期一  Monday  3:05 - 5:05 pm            3:05 - 4:05 pm  First Period          第一节课
                                                                 4:10 - 5:05 pm  Second Period     第二节课
    星期三  Wednesday  3:05 - 5:05 pm     3:05 - 4:05 pm  First Period         第一节课
                                                                 4:10 - 5:05 pm  Second Period     第二节课

    星期五  Friday  1:15 - 3:15 pm              1:15 - 2:15 pm First Period          第一节课
                                                                  2:20 - 3:15 pm Second Period    第二节课
Location地址: 590 K Street, Chula Vista, CA 91911

3.   学费 Tuition :
School-aged 学生6岁或6岁以上:

Preschooler&Toddlers 学生1岁以上或6岁以下
:*    1岁~3岁需一位大人陪同 (One adult required for 1-3yrs old)

Adult Class成人班

1.在开学后注册的学生将收取$10/家 滞纳金;被弹回的支票或无效,SDECS将收取$25手续费。
A $10/family late fee will be imposed after the 9/6/2015. There will be a $25 processing fee for any returned checks。

2.缴费办法:支票抬头请写San Diego Elite Chinese School; 现金(家长有责任要求收据,本校对没有收据的遗失的现金一律不负责任)。
Payments Methods: Please make check payable to San Diego Elite Chinese School with registered class and students’ name(s);
Cash (It is parents’ responsibility to request receipt, SDECS is not responsible for any lost cash without written receipt).

而停课恕不退费。SDECS 保留因学生人数不够取消课的权利,所有已缴学费将全额退还。对于任何原因缺课,没有信用或退费赋予。
Refund Policy: The last day for refund is 10/4/ 2015. $20 processing fee plus $25/week will be deducted regardless the actual
attendance of the student. No refunds are given for events that out of our control (flood, fire, electrical outage, etc). SDECS
reserves the right to cancel the class due to low enrollment, and paid tuition will be refunded fully if class is canceled. No credits or
refunds will be given for missing the class.

4.    资料更新:签署人有责任通知San Diego Elite Chinese School任何地址,电话或紧急联系人。
Information Changes: It’s the signing party’s responsibility to inform SDECS of changes to address, phone, or emergency contact.

5.   接送:家长应准时來接学生。上学前后,学生若在校园或校外发生事故, 恕不负责。SDECS将对所有超过放学时间5分钟来接学生的
家庭收取每分钟 $1。
Pick-Ups: Please be on time to pick up the students at the classroom doors. SDECS is not responsible for the students who arrive
more than 5 minutes before the scheduled class time or for the students who remain 5 minutes after the scheduled class time. For
every minute exceeding the five minutes pick up time limit, SDECS will charge $1 per minute. SDECS will bill the signing party for the
extra minutes counted.

6.   健康状况和饮食:学生必须在健康状况良好以及在上课前24小时没有发烧的健康状况下上课。学生自带零食。学生之间不允许分享
Health, Food&Drink: The students must be healthy on the day of class and free of fever for 24 hours prior to class. The students
bring healthy snack (if applicable). No food and drink are shared.

7.   照片和影片:本人允许SDECS用本人子女的照片和影片在其网站和任何其他有关SDECS对外公开的互联网资源。
Photo and Video: I give permission for my /my child's (if student is under 18) photograph to be used by SDECS on its website and
for any SDECS-related publicity, including print and broadcast media.

8.   不招揽:签署人知道并同意在合同生效起至合同终止12个月后,不能对SDECS员工/教职工有任何招揽行为。如签署人违反合约规
Non-Solicitation: The signing party acknowledges and agrees that instructors from SDECS who provides the teaching or tutoring
service are a valuable asset to SDECS and are difficult to replace. Accordingly, the signing party agrees that, for the term of this
Enrollment contract and for a period of 12 months thereafter, it will not offer any type of hiring to any instructor(s) from SDECS
without SDECS’s prior written consent. In the event the signing party breaches this agreement, the signing party shall be liable to
pay SDECS any liquidated damages as well as any attorney charge related to the dispute process.
Calsbad Site Registration Form
全年总学费(Total Whole year tuition):$575/年
yearly Rate
yearly Rate
yearly Rate
一节课(one class)   
两节课(two classes)    
三节课(three classes)   
课时(Class): 1pm-4pm
全年总学费(Total Whole year tuition):$575/年
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